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>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

About a quarter till 4pm, Jeff grabbed me and we took a look at a thunderstorm moving into Charlotte. Our camera on top of the Dowd YMCA had a great view of the storm, and we are pretty confident we were able to watch, as well as show you on live TV at 3:51 and 4:01, a wall cloud move just from just northwest of Center City to just north of Center City prior to falling apart. Sure enough, the storm was exhibiting some rotation. Thankfully, a tornado never touched down, but it was definitely impressive to watch.

Here is some time-lapse footage of that wall cloud approaching Uptown. This footage is property of News 14 Carolina.

Below is the reflectivity and velocity data from the GSP NEXRAD at the can clearly see the small velocity couplet.


Goldenrod 7:26 PM  

It is now 6:30pm Houston time on Friday, July 11th. The time-lapse footage of that wall cloud approaching Uptown is "no longer available", according to You Tube.

Matthew East 7:35 PM  

Yeah, some issue with Youtube. I have switched it over to Google Videos...hopefully that will fix it. Thanks for the note!

Goldenrod 10:03 AM  

Oh, yeah, you could definitely see some rotation a little more than halfway through the video. Thanks for fixing it, Matthew!

Matthew East 10:18 AM  

YNo problem....interesting little storm no doubt.

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