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>> Saturday, July 05, 2008

It was nice to take some time off and enjoy some down time with my family. We got the chance to travel and see some friends and family that we do not get to see nearly as much as we would like, and that was great. I will tell you....all 3 of my kids LOVE swimming. Jayden is just a little fish now...she can swim completely on her own....on this trip she even jumped off of the diving board and slid off of the slide on her own. Grace has lost most of her timidity she had last summer and was jumping in to me off of the diving board and sliding to me on the slide. And little She is completely fearless. She has no inhibitions about jumping right into the fear at all...I mean none....side of the pool....diving board....slide. That is a little scary for us as parents....but it is a lot of fun as long as someone is right there with her at all times. All of the kids just had a blast.

I did a fairly effective job of stepping away from the weather while I was gone. I checked on a couple of things from time to time, but generally speaking, I came back in cold today in terms of the overall weather pattern.

We look to remain unsettled through Monday with good chance of showers and storms in this rather soupy airmass we have in place. And, occasionally some storms could be severe.

Fewer showers and storms look to be around Tuesday and Wednesday, and because of that, the heat will crank back up with highs back in the 90s.

In terms of Tropical Storm Bertha, I am still gathering my ideas on that one, but I can't rule out a potential threat to the U.S. East Coast at this point. While I would think odds are that is re-curves into the Atlantic, there are some indications that the upper level ridging will try to build back over the system as we near next weekend.....we will see.


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