>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The weather will be hot and dry for us today and tomorrow with highs up toward the mid 90s. One thing that will keep it tolerable out there is fairly low levels of humidity during the afternoon mid 90s could feel a lot worse that it will around here today and tomorrow.

Don't look now, but it might very well be another active weather weekend ahead. Both Saturday and Sunday look to feature good chance of some showers and storms, and is almost always the case this time of year, some of those storms could be strong to severe.

On another note, we made the switch a little less than a year ago to a new Sunday school class at church. It is what we call a family-integrated, or age-integrated, Sunday school class. At the time, it was a new concept for me, but it has been a tremendous blessing. The make-up of this class is very interesting...anything from small children up through folks in their 40s or more. The kids have learned from the adults, but I have to say, one of the neatest things it to watch the adults learn from the kids as well. It is very neat to have children involved, answering and asking often times lets us adults see things from a much different point of view than we otherwise would have.

At any rate, I will be teaching the class for the first time this Sunday. I am excited about it, but I am also pretty nervous. The other guys that teach the class do such an incredible job...I will just try to not make everyone dumber for the experience. But again, I am excited to get up there and give it a shot.


Anonymous 12:54 PM  


you will do a wonderful job, look to the almighty, May God Bless You and your family !

Matthew East 10:35 PM  

Wow....thanks so much! And God bless you as well.....

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