Father's Day...

>> Sunday, June 15, 2008

For whatever reason, this has been the most meaningful Father's Day, for me personally, that I have experienced. I guess I become more keenly aware of my awesome responsibility as a father with each passing day. I continue to grow in my understanding of the responsibility I have to be the spiritual leader of my family and to be the role model to my children that I am supposed to be. Often times I fail miserably, but that will continue to be the top priority in my life.

And I guess today, when I walked down the steps this morning, seeing those kids' faces just illuminated with excitement, thrilled to sing the "Happy Father's Day Song" (which is quite similar to the "Happy Birthday" tune) to me, it just was really meaningful. They were so excited about singing and giving me my gift, and the whole reason was just to see me happy. It was really something.

So, to all you dads out there, happy Father's Day! Soak in every moment.....don't take a minute for granted.


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