>> Sunday, April 13, 2008

We had an area of showers move through much of the area late this afternoon into this evening, and in many cases, some gusty winds accompanied the showers. That little disturbance has passed, and while I can't rule out an additional shower overnight, the chances are slim.

A very cold pocket of air aloft will move overhead for our Monday afternoon, and that should lead to a good number of scattered showers. In fact, the air will be cold enough aloft for some hail with some of the showers.

Temps tonight should settle into the mid to upper 30s. Lows will remain in the 30s through Thursday morning. I am thinking the coldest morning for most will be Wednesday morning, but I can't rule out frost really any morning through Thursday morning. Frost looks most likely Wednesday morning though.

And finally, I took the pictures above Thursday afternoon in Kenner, Louisiana. For those that don't know, Kenner is just outside of New Orleans and is located on the Mississippi River. We were spending some time after the cruise with one of my best friends, who is a meteorologist working in New Orleans. Tremendous rains have occurred up and down the Mississippi River Valley, and that has led to very high water levels on the Mississippi. Just about 1 month ago, the river only reached as far as the base of the trees you see in the pictures above. Also notice all of the snapped and uprooted trees along the bank in the last photo. I should also point out that the river was really flowing with great velocity....looked almost like a jacuzzi.

The Army Corps of Engineers decided to open the Bonnet Carre Spillway Friday for the first time in 11 years. This was done to prevent any river flooding in New Orleans.


Anonymous 11:52 PM  

Nice to see that no one appears to have built a trailer park in the flood plain.
While we are bailing out the rest of the negligent subprime real estate offenders, at least we won't pile on with a bunch of manufactured homes (dare not call them trailers) in the flood plain.

New Orlearns = negative elevation next to a Hurricane producing body of water on one side and a routinely flooding river on the other.
Talk about a recipe for disaster...and they are still busy rebuilding in time for another disaster... which will come....from the south or the north....or both as was the case with Katrina.
Welcome back to the mountain snow in April.
Very cool - literally.

the weatherman 7:08 AM  

If ever that river will going to over flow that will be a big threat for the areas around it..just what happened to the continuous Mississippi Valley Flooding which has flood warnings and flood watches..the flooding do still continue in some parts of Mississippi..

Anonymous 10:43 AM  

"the flooding do still continue in some parts of Mississippi.."

Yes, and cities and towns re-issue building permits for those offenders who insist on living within the floodplain. You would think city officials would do the Diana Ross and say "STOP!.....in the name of _______."

Why do people build in floodplains? Because the land is cheaper....just like adjustable rate loans are cheaper in the beginnnnig but sooner or later, the rising tide of interest rates soaks people with debt. Sad part is, just as with the subprime mess, it is responsible taxpayers who are bailing out these people.
Pass the bucket,

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