Impressive system...

>> Friday, March 07, 2008

Pretty interesting storm system to watch over the next 36 hours.

For our area, look for periods of rain today as the first big slug of moisture with this storm system works through.

The activity will probably be scattered, spotty, and showery in nature this evening and into tonight. But later tonight, a surface low pressure will really begin to crank up over the mountains. Through the day today, we will have some sort of wedge in place for the Triad and Charlotte regions, however, as the surface low strengthens tonight, that wedge will slowly erode away from the east and south.

In the locations that see the wedge erode away, a lot of parameters are in place for a severe weather threat late tonight into tomorrow morning. But, how much the wedge erodes is the million dollar question here.

There is certainly the chance for severe weather over the eastern portions of the Carolinas, but it will just be a wait and see matter to see whether or not the severe weather threat will work into the Triad or Charlotte regions. The better chances for severe weather will likely be the farther east you go in the region, and again, we are talking about late tonight into tomorrow morning.

Back in the cold air portion of this system, snow will accumulate in places where it does not accumulate too often....such as northern Mississippi and Alabama. In fact, once you get up toward the Ohio Valley, a lot of folks will see at least 6 inches, with some spots seeing over a foot. Even in Memphis, Tennessee, 4"-6" look like a good bet.

Here in the Carolinas, the mountains will pick up some snow on the back side of this, and portions of the northwestern North Carolina mountains could easily see 4"-6."

Behind the system here in the Piedmont tomorrow, I could even see some snow flurries or a passing snow shower occurring, especially up toward the Virginia border. It will also be quite windy tomorrow. Quite an impressive system!

I also want to mention that I have the privilege of being an emcee for the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Walk and Charlotte Step up Challenge tomorrow morning. The event will take place at Independence Park in Charlotte tomorrow morning, and registration begins at 9:30am. This is the first year for this event, and we would love to see you out there!


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