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>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thought I would share a couple of quick stories from the East household......

First, as I was getting ready for work Friday, my wife was preparing lunch. She had opened up a can of English peas, but for some reason, the lid of the can didn't quite open right. So, the reached her fingers in to pry it open....her fingers slip.....and yep, she slices three fingers open. She quickly wraps it up, and to her credit, she remained very calm. However, the blood was really flowing, the kids were running around a bit confused about what all of this excitement was about, and I was already set to call in sick to work so that I could drive her to get stitches. I got the kids corralled and settled down, and we were able to get her fingers wrapped up in some gauze. Thankfully, the bleeding eventually subsided, and we didn't have to make that run to the doctor. Mommy has been a real trooper the past few days 'playing hurt'.....but the fingers are looking much better today.

Secondly, we have had some sort of bug making its way through the kids this week. Our baby, who is almost 15 months old, climbed on to my stomach about 6:30 Saturday morning. That really is par for the course for a normal morning, so I didn't really pay attention to anything strange. She 'said' a couple of things, and then......throw up......covering me from neck to waist. My wife found this amusing and laid there laughing. I did not. I said, somewhat loudly "Are you kidding me?" to which she responds "Don't fuss at her." After several seconds, I ask her if she can get me something to wipe off with. She hands me....a t-shirt. After finally getting a towel, I take my shirt off, wipe off, and get set to lay back down (it was seemingly all confined to me and not the bed). So, I lay down and lay my head into.....throw-up on my pillow. Didn't see that in the dark. Decided it was time to get up for the day then.

It is funny now...wasn't overly amusing at 6:30am. But I would not trade these moments and memories for the world. I love it.

As far as the weather is concerned, I have removed any wintry weather wording for Thursday from my forecast packages this evening. At this juncture, it looks like we will be a tad too warm for anything wintry.


Anonymous 8:26 AM  

How cute, in her own words or "babytalk" she was probably trying to tell you she was getting ready to get sick dad !:) Glad your wife's fingers are better, keep us posted on the what the little Easts are doing. Good Stuff.

Paula and Mike

Matthew East 8:29 AM  

Oh yeah....I am sure she was trying her best to tell me. Silly me didn't get the message.

Thanks, and will do!

Anonymous 5:15 PM  

Fortunately for me, I haven't had the full-on throw-up scenario yet. I've been spit-up on plenty though :)

Anonymous 6:05 PM  

Haha! I'm so sorry your daughter did that. But its funny though.

Matthew East 8:07 PM  

OKSU....give it time....ha ha.

Yeah, like I mentioned, wouldn't tade those memories for the world.

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