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>> Friday, November 09, 2007

The latest edition of the video is up above.

Big game tomorrow. Mississippi State hosts Alabama in a big SEC West match-up. Mississippi State beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa last season, so you know Alabama will have revenge on the mind. Alabama is coming off a deflating defeat to LSU last week...a game they could (and probably should) have won. Mississippi State is coming off of a bye. With 1 more win, MSU will be bowl-eligible.

For me personally, I grew up a huge Alabama fan. My family had season tickets, and I remember every Saturday either heading to Tuscaloosa, heading to Legion Field, or heading to the TV/radio to watch the Tide. I can still feel the nervousness in my stomach I felt each year before the Alabama-Auburn game. I screamed my head off as Alabama beat Miami in the '93 Sugar Bowl to become National Champions. There was no bigger Alabama fan than I.

Then, I began my college career at MSU. I fell in love with State, and my allegiance was forever changed in a heated MSU-Alabama game in Tuscaloosa. At that point, I realized I was completely a Bulldog...and I remain a Bulldog.

So, I will be anxiously watching the game as it unfolds tomorrow.


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