Tropical Action in the Gulf

>> Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Due to a couple of dirrerenft reasons, I was not able to post as I normally would earlier today. My time is currently limitied, but I wanted to put a quick note out there that I am closely watching what will probably become 'Jerry' in the Gulf. At this point, we are dealing with a sprawling upper air low, but a low level center will likely form within the next 24 hours, and there is really nothing in the surrounding environment that will impede development. So, in other words, the system is really only battling itself in order to get things cranking. Once it improves structurally, it should be off to the races.

All interests from the Alabama coastline westward through the Texas coast need to closely monitor the progress of this system, and of course, I will have plenty of thoughts and updates for you here as this system organizes. Stay tuned....


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