>> Thursday, September 27, 2007

I know...long time....no post. Sorry about that. I have had an outside-of-work project that has taken up essentially all of my free time this week.

I am really looking forward to the weather this weekend. Autumn weather will be nice. We have been so warm for most of September that I feel like we have lost touch with the average temperatures for this time of year. Here is the average high and low for Greensboro and Charlotte today...

Greensboro - 76/56
Charlotte - 79/59

Doesn't that sound really cool? We have been so warm that the average temperatures seem like a cool wave. So, actually, upper 70s to around 80 for highs this weekend will actually be near to a bit above average...although lows will dip below average.

Tropics are bubbling. Lorenzo will make landfall in Mexico tonight and I think Karen certainly bears watching for possible U.S. impacts down the road. Don't write this one off just yet. Also, some modeling has been hinting at some sort of tropical system affecting the southeast U.S. next week. Haven't bought that scenario yet...we will see.

On the football front, MSU beat Gardner-Webb last Saturday night. This Saturday, State travels to Columbia to take on South Carolina. I full expect this game to be a hard-fought defensive struggle. Should be a good game.


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