Where there's smoke, ......

>> Wednesday, May 16, 2007

there's fire. But that fire is well off to our southwest. If you have been outside today, you have probably smelled the smoke in the air. That smoke is actually from the wildfires that are raging across southern Georgia. We have stiff winds out of the southwest, and that is bringing that smoke right up into the western Carolinas.

We will probably be dealing with the smoke through the afternoon hours. If you are sensitive to air quality issues, it is probably a good idea to remain indoors today of you can.

A front is approaching, and that will ignite numerous shower and storms late this afternoon and this evening. A few storms could be strong to severe, and we will watch it closely.

A cooler airmass returns tomorrow with highs back toward the low to mid 70s.


Anonymous 12:46 PM  

The smoke is a little thick out there at times. Amazing what the weather can do. That fire is 400+ miles away.

Matthew East 12:48 PM  

Indeed it is. I find stuff like that fascinating.

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