Saturday Evening Tidbits...

>> Saturday, December 02, 2006

Some quick evening notes here....

  • Showers push in to roughly the eastern half of the viewing area Sunday afternoon and evening....but the rain should leave before the atmosphere cools enough for anything wintry.
  • The upcoming week will be cold....below average for highs and lows. I still think low to mid 20s Tuesday morning.
  • The models can still not figure out how to handle the end of the week possibilities. Today's 0z GFS kept the energy more bundled, and thus, a more impressive late-week system. Other runs shear the energy out and nothing impressive develops. We shall see...
  • Had to switch mental gears today...after anchoring the evening weather shift for the Triad Wednesday through Friday, I am back in the Charlotte market today and tomorrow.
  • Can we please have some sort of college football playoff system. I don't want to hear the excuses....I am tired of having to debate every year who should play for a championship. Every other level of football has playoffs....why can't Division I football???? No, we have to have another year of debating who should play Ohio State......Florida or Michigan??? (assuming Florida holds on to win the SEC champ. game...although it is a dog fight right now)
End of rant.....have a great night!


Anonymous 12:39 PM  

Yes, I agree, the BCS is a flop. I would love to see a playoff system in Div-1A.

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