>> Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lots going on lately and not much time for blog posting. Sorry about that....

Warm weather continues through tomorrow, but then big changes take place to finish the work week. First of all, a cold front moves through tomorrow evening and gives us some shower and storm chances. But the big changes are what happens behind that front.

A big upper level low dives into the Carolinas and helps develop a surface low along the coast.Exactly how close to the coast that low develops will determine whether or not we have a couple of raw, rainy days Friday and Saturday. At this point, I think rain Friday looks like a fairly safe bet, but Saturday and Sunday are in question. The European model led the charge with its 0z run today in developing the coastal low a little farther eastward, and now it appears the 12z GFS is going the same. So, we might escape with the weekend looking OK. However, it will definitely be much cooler with highs in the 60s Friday and Saturday. Places like Mt. Airy will likely remain in the upper 50s for highs Friday afternoon.

Tropics are winding down and I think any major hurricane threat has ended.

I am putting together my winter ideas now, and I will post them in this space sometime over the next week or so.

Have a great day!


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