>> Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What a great day! Hard to imagine better weather out there than what we are enjoying today. And, I am sure looking forward to some 40s tonight! I might even give the wood-burning stove a test run tonight....

Cold front will move through late in the weekend and bring us some more showers and storms. But, another push of nice autumn air looks to move in by Tuesday next week.

Some busy times lately, at home and at work. We are entering the final stretch of this pregnancy, and each day seems to bring a lot of preparatory items to be completed. Don't get me wrong....I love every second of it, but blog posting definitely seems to take a back seat on my off days!

At work, the final wrinkles are being ironed out for the rolling out of the Triad edition of News 14 Carolina. This involves a lot of dry runs for everybody from weather through reporters and production staff. Anything from graphics systems 'talking' to each other properly to television monitors being the correct brightness...all kinks are being straightened. Production schedules are being set, and finishing touches are going on graphics. All of this to make sure we hit the gound running in the Triad and make that good first-impression.

Have a great evening....enjoy the weather!!!


Tarheelhombre 7:33 AM  

Time to start up the fireplace with temps in the 40's this morning!

Anonymous 10:05 AM  

Jeff, I found this interesting bit from the CLT Observer this morning:

The lowest unofficial reading at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport this morning was 47 degrees. That would be the coolest since a 47-degree reading on May 19.

The temperature didn't drop this low last fall until Oct. 17.

IN the last decade, we have only been this cool or cooler this early three times, although on September 23, 1999, CLT went down to 39 degrees.

Anonymous 10:06 AM  

oops, I meant Matt. Sorry

Matthew East 2:07 PM  

Cool stats. Here's hoping for a cold and snowy winter! And yep....loved the nip in the air this morning...

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